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Do all stalls accept card payment?

We accept card payments at all sales stands

-except credit cards-, as a practical and secure payment method.

Can also be ordered?

Yes, of course, with pleasure! We especially recommend this for asparagus, peeled asparagus and special assortments.

It also makes sense to place orders before or on holidays.


How many strawberries should and may be picked?

Of course, it is allowed to pick as many strawberries as anyone wants. With us there is no direct entrance fee, but we have accordingly made a regulation about the minimum amount of picking.

This is at least one kilogram per person who goes to the field to pick, whether small or large. The minimum picking quantity is therefore 4 kg of strawberries for two adults with two children.  This can be done easily and is also a nice nature experience for the family.  For at home one takes then fresh strawberries for nibbling and for the various processing. A basket of strawberries can also be a great gift for friends and neighbors.


Where did it all start?

Long, long ago... 34 years ago, the first strawberry field was planted by the Scholles on the Alte Wittener Straße and has been replanted again and again on changing soils to this day. Locations in Dortmund, Nordhorn and Neuenhaus were added and since then the red fruits, the true pick-me-ups, are cultivated on an area of eight hectares.

It is a cultivation in the grown soil, i.e. on the strawberry clod. There are early, medium and late varieties. In order to equalize the harvest time, individual varieties are harvested earlier.

Harvest quantities?

The harvesting quantities, i.e. the picking conditions, vary according to the variety, the weather, the day of the week and the number of visitors. We are dealing with a product of nature. If you have a long way to go or if you want to come on a Sunday or a holiday when there are many visitors to the strawberry patch, you are welcome to contact us so that the trip to us is worthwhile and you will not be disappointed. We may be able to direct you to a nearby field of ours where the picking conditions are better at that moment.

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