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StrawberryInfos and tips

Pick ripe fruit: Uniformly red, shiny and firm with strong green stem and sepals: so the juice does not leak and the strawberries stay fresh longer.
If processing immediately, for example, for jam, can also be picked without leaves.
Avoid squeezing the fruit in any way, including holding several fruits in your hands.

It is better to pick the strawberries with a small stem and then place them individually on the stem in the basket.
The best time to pick: in the morning, when it is not yet so warm (shelf life), not necessarily after prolonged rain (loss of flavor).
Containers can be brought by yourself or purchased on site for a small amount.
Do not choose too big picking containers, so that the fruits are not pressed too much.
Snacking is also possible, but do not "fill your belly!"
Only pick as many strawberries as you need! Rather come back for more if needed or freeze the leftover strawberries and enjoy at a later date!
Storage time is limited and loss of flavor is great if kept longer.
Clean strawberries but do not leave them in water, rather rinse them.
Freeze both whole (place individually on a baking sheet, pre-freeze and then place in a bag) and already pureed fruit. These can be taken out of the freezer in portions to be made into fresh jams and desserts.
You can pick as much as you like. However, each person who goes to the field to harvest should pick at least one kilogram This also applies to children as soon as they can walk independently.
There is no entrance fee for this.

We wish you a rich, tasty harvest and a wonderful experience at the Erdbeerscholle!

Your Erdbeerscholle Team

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